Providing access to Quality Healthcare in Haiti

We facilitate the offer and delivery of preventive, medical, surgical, and rehabilitative care, and services. We advocate for sustainable changes in the socio-determinants of health (SDoH). We propose evidence-based policy recommendations and strategic interventions to tackle the structural factors that affect health outcomes and generate health inequities among the populations.

Intervention Strategies we are involved in

  • Health Advocacy, and Policy Development
  • Community Awareness, Education, Prevention, Screening
  • Health System Strengthening (Human Resources Capacity Building, Leadership, Governance & Management Support, Financing, Health Information Systems Development, Service Delivery/Access Facilitation, and Research)
  • Social Services (Navigation, Education, Employment, Housing, Nutrition, WHASH)
  • Medical Transportation

Our Programs

Strengthening the prevention, screening and management of High Blood Pressure (HBP),
Diabetes and their complications in the district of Limbé.

We offer medical, surgical, and emergency care, as well as general consultations, physiotherapy and consultation in mental health to the people

We provide Information, Education and Communication programs to the people so as to create awareness and make a social impact 

Asked Questions

We Need Your Help

Who do we focus on?

We focus on children who are the most vulnerable, adults, people living with disability, people living with diabetes, high blood pressure and the general public as well

How can you support us?

Through donations, financial support, medical teams, medical support

Are the healthcare services free?

The services are absolutely free for everyone

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ACCES-Santé is a medico-social organization  committed to contribute to the improvement of health access in Haiti.


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