The History of Acces-Sante

The History

ACCES-Santé is a medico-social organization founded in October 2016 by a group of multidisciplinary professionals committed to contributing to the improvement of health access in Haiti. We dedicate our lives to reflecting on and finding suitable solutions to overcome health access barriers with and for the Haitian communities in a constant quest for quality and excellence. A few years after starting field experience as a medical doctor in remote areas in the northern region of Haiti, Dr. Lukenson FRANCOIS was extremely shaken by the fact that people in Haiti were dying from common, preventable, and reversible causes. . Long-distance, financial barriers, cultural beliefs, lack of education, shortage of medical resources, and organizational weaknesses in the health system have long been the underlying causes that provoked unceasingly a growing number of evitable deaths in the communities. Aware of the direct effects of this situation on the population’s health, he started offering emergency care to the population at Limbé

, a municipality in the North of Haiti where he opened an emergency clinic on October 3, 2012, named “Clinic d’Urgence Santé Plus”Four years later, he realized that this initiative couldn’t have a satisfactory impact on the problem without large cooperation. Then, he started to mobilize a group of multidisciplinary professionals and created in October 2016, ACCES-Santé (Action Communautaire pour une Couverture Elargie des Services de Santé/Community Action for a broad healthcare coverage). The Clinic has become a unit of ACCES-Santé where a series of health interventions have been set up to reach the most vulnerable populations. ACCES-Santé is committed to serving the communities by implementing primary healthcare interventions and promoting the implantation of emergency care facilities along with ambulance and medical insurance services in the helpless areas throughout the country starting from the northern region to improve prompt and comprehensive health services access.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

We aim to contribute to improving access to primary healthcare services in Haiti, especially in the most vulnerable communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to represent a sustainable benchmark of excellence in Haiti in supporting the development and delivery of primary healthcare services.

Our Goals

What we aim towards

Contribute to reducing effectively preventable morbidities and mortality in Haiti by designing and implementing health interventions based on the principles of accessibility, acceptability, quality, universality, and community participation. To help break down geographic, economic, socio-cultural, and organizational barriers to deteriorating access to primary health services in Haiti following the guidelines of the Haitian Ministry of Public Health and the World Health Organization (WHO). To bring significant support to emergency medicine development in Haiti


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ACCES-Santé is a medico-social organization  committed to contribute to the improvement of health access in Haiti.


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