Clinique d’Urgence Accès-Santé is pleased to welcome to its team three new nurses who were
selected on the basis of their passion for the profession and their great potential to contribute
to the implementation of the mission of the institution in the community of Limbé.

1. Miss Nesline Aristide
Graduated in nursing from the State University of Haiti in 2019, she obtained her license from the MSPP in 2020 after completing her social service in the North West geographic department of Haiti. She then worked in a local institution for about two years providing nursing care, medical counseling, and health education to patients and the general population.

2. Miss Roseca Apollon
She obtained her nursing degree from the Université Notre Dame D’Haiti where she studied this profession from 2014 to 2018. During her studies, she did a lot of practical
internships in different local institutions. After receiving her license from the MSPP in 2022, she practiced both as a nurse providing care in medical settings and in community mobilization where she distinguished herself as a young feminist leader.

3. Miss Roudeline Jean

Miss Jean received her degree in nursing from the Christian University of the North of Haiti in 2022 after four years of brilliantly successful studies. During her training, she carried out numerous practical internships in hospitals in the
Far North. Passionate about the profession, she began volunteering immediately after graduating to enrich her skills and put them to the benefit of the well-being of her native community. It is in this capacity that she worked with us a few months before being selected for her current position.